Captain's Cove Upgrade notice

What & Why

Presumably you're reading this because you clicked on the upgrade notice. And you only saw my upgrade notice because... well... because your browser isn't very good.

To upgrade -

Simply put, making a page look "right" in 3 or 4 different operating systems, and 5 or 6 different browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Earthlink, Opera, Mozilla, etc) - nevermind dialup vs. Broadband websites that download slowly. Web design is not a simple task. The first iterations of browsers played by their own rules - and web designers had to obey. But now there is a higher calling.

Newer browsers use the same set of rules, making web sites more accessible to blind, motion disadvantaged along with the gazillion people who use the web.

The problem is the old way does not work across all browsers or for the handicapped. This web site has chosen to be handicap accessible and available to all audiences - it means people with older browsers don't get the intended layout, but the information is still available to you. Eventually, all websites will need to upgrade and then people with old browsers will really have problems.

Go forth and upgrade - If you're on a slow modem and don't want to be stuck downloading a new browser, many computer magazines come with a CD full of software. These usually include the latest browsers too. Another option is to contact the browser maker to request they snail mail you a CD.